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Are You Carrying Hope?

June 17, 2016

If you love totes, purses, backpacks or bags in general, you’ve gotta check out ESPEROS!
Every product they sell helps provide access to education to a child in need. Check out the Q&A I did with Emily below to learn more about ESPEROS.

Keats Utility Tote

Who are you and what is your connection with ESPEROS?
My name is Emily Morris. I manage social media and customer relations for ESPEROS. I also get to work on and with strategic partnerships.
What kind of products do ESPEROS sell?
ESPEROS sells high quality, durable, and stylish bags with the mission of funding education for children in need in the developing world.
How are we making a difference by purchasing accessories from ESPEROS?
By purchasing bags from ESPEROS, you are making a difference in more ways than one. The first way that you are making a difference is by directly providing money for honorable education initiatives that ESPEROS works with like the Nobelity Project. Because of this, ESPEROS has been making an impact in over 25 rural communities to build classrooms, libraries, science and computer labs, as well as clean water systems. The second way that you are making a difference by purchasing bags from ESPEROS is buy supporting and furthering the movement for conscious consumerism. If we’re going to make purchases, why not begin thinking about how those purchases can impact a life other than just our own?!
Aside from ESPEROS, what is your favorite charity and why?
I love a local movement in Austin called Community First. The Community First Village is a 27-acre community that provides sustainable and affordable living for the chronically homeless and/or disabled in the Austin region. The Community First Village brings hope and innovative action to the heartbreaking and chronic issue of homelessness.
Shop all the ESPEROS bags here & bring some hope to a child who needs it.
Heather Rose
Photography: Victoria Bardega

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    Andrea Drugay
    June 17, 2016 at 11:55 am

    Wow, super-cute bag ~ and even better that it gives back. Thanks for the tip!

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