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And if not He is Still Good…

August 7, 2016

Happy Sunday! Right now i’m in Los Angeles and loving it, but wanted to write a quick encouragement post for you all.
I’m a quote kinda girl, whether I’m having a good or bad day, I love reading quotes. They change my perspective, encourage me and push me to be better. Life is tough and beautiful at the same time – but I don’t know how i’d get through tough days without Jesus. So I’m starting a Sunday blog series to share encouragement for those hard times, along with a quote to get you through it.

“And if not, He is still good.”-Daniel 3:17-18

If you’ve never read the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego – you should do it. They are pretty inspiring. Despite being thrown into a firey furnace, they trust God to save them, but they end with “And if not, He is Still good.” They chose to praise Him regardless of how they thought their situation was going.
I wish I had that attitude all the time, but it’s so easy to think that our ways are the best for us. What I’ve learned and am daily continuing to learn is that when things arn’t going my way, it’s probably because God is redirecting my life for something better. There is such a peace that comes with fully surrendering your life to God’s will, because His ways are always higher than our own and we can rest in the fact that He knows what’s best for us – even if in the moment we don’t understand His redirection.
My prayer for you and myself is that this week we would learn to surrender all aspects of our life to God’s will, even the ones we think we’ve got under control – because that’s where true joy and peace come.
Heather Rose

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