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Where I Wanderer

November 12, 2016

Who doesn’t love a little arm candy?
Or even better, arm candy that gives back! Wanderer Bracelets is doing just that with their mission to create reliable work opportunities for artisans in Bali.
To help you learn more, check out our Q&A from Sondra Knight, Brand Influencer Manager:

What kind of products does Wanderer Bracelets sell?

Wanderer Bracelets sells handmade bracelets created out of all-natural water buffalo bone, uniquely carved by artisans in Bali.

How are we making a difference by purchasing from Wanderer Bracelets?

When you buy & wear Wanderer Bracelets, you support the artisans who made them. We partner with a team of artisans that’s grown to about 100 men and women – and your purchase expands reliable work opportunities. This changes everything!
When artisans have reliable work – their families are unified. They no longer have to leave their villages to find work. Earning a steady income gives them the power to plan and save for the future.
And every time artisans carve bracelets, they preserve a beautiful, traditional art form that’s been passed down through the generations.

What’s your favorite part about working with Wanderer Bracelets?

Oh there are so many things that I love! I mean, have you seen how awesome these bracelets are? And I get to wear them all the time! Haha! But seriously, Wanderer Bracelet’s has given me an opportunity to work with so many talented and authentic individuals. Each person plays and equally important part in the bigger picture so that we can continue to make a difference in the daily lives of real people. With the social enterprise space being so diluted right now, I just love the honesty and integrity of how Wanderer Bracelets operates. We lay it all out there for everyone to see. Every part of a Wanderer Bracelet is unique and handcrafted in Bali, by artisans that we know by name which is becoming more and more rare with the ease of mass production. I feel honored to be a part of something so beautiful.
Their custom coordinates bracelet allows you to share your personal connection with a meaningful location and carry a piece of that location with you wherever you go.
When they asked me to pick a location, the first thing that came to mind was the place that shaped me into who I am today, I thought of riding 4-wheelers through a field and riding in my dad’s truck, watching the leaves fall. I thought of the small little town that many people don’t know about – my hometown – Waterloo, NY.
Although it’s small, and most would wonder why anyone would want to grow up there, my roots will always be there. There’s just something about a small town. It taught me how to make the best of what I have, how to make friends, to enjoy the little things and value kindness, integrity & all the things our country was founded on.
I know that no matter where my life takes me, a piece of my heart will always be there and I hope to never forget the values instilled in me from that little, country town.
I hope you’ll get involved with the Where I Wanderer campaign by purchasing a bracelet for yourself or a loved one. Don’t forget to share your story with #WhereIWander
For more info on Wanderer Bracelets or to shop all their bracelets, visit here.
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