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Comfy Pants, Caring Heart

September 2, 2017

Raise your hand if you like comfy pants! If that’s you, you’ve got to grab a pair of Pi Yoga Pants. Even if you don’t do Yoga, these things are adorable and SUPER comfortable – plus, by purchasing a pair you are giving back in multiple ways!
We chatted with their founder to get the inside scoop on what Pi Yoga Pants is all about!
Who are you and what is your connection with Pi Yoga Pants?
My name is Larissa and I am the founder of Pi Yoga Pants. I started Pi Yoga Pants while I will living over seas in South East Asia and found a seamstress while I was living in Bali. Pi Yoga Pants has now been in business for 9 months, and we are launching out Indie Go Go TODAY!
What kind of products does Pi Yoga Pants sell?
We sell boutique lounge & yoga pants that are made by empowering women in Bali. 10% of net profits also goes back to sea turtle conservation efforts in Bali, and we are looking to expand out efforts to take conservation to a global level.
Pi Yoga Pants
How are we making a difference by purchasing from Pi Yoga Pants?
By purchasing a pair of Pi Yoga Pants you are entering the trifecta of empowerment. You are empowering women in Bali, supporting sea turtle conservation, and empowering yourself to get on your yoga mat to bring a little peace into your day. My seamstress, her daughter, and her daughter in law make all the Pi Yoga Pants. We met through my taxi driving while I was traveling in Bali and their inspiration to start from nothing and to create a business has really inspired me to grow my own business.
I also donate 10% of net profits back to sea turtle conservation efforts in Bali. We are working now on coral restoration, beach clean ups, and awareness on a global level.
The mission of Pi, is to “continue infinitely (like the number) in the direction of your dreams and to inspire others to do so”. Whether it’s myself trying to pursue starting my own business, or you starting your journey to live more like your dream life, we want to be the driving force to get ourselves out of our comfort zone and into the “can do” mindset. To empower everyone along our journey, on and off your mat.
At Pi Yoga Pants we believe that yoga is for everyone. Therefore, our design is unique because the waist from size 0-16 and the elastic ankle can adjust the pants to fit anyone from 4’9″ to 6′ tall. We like to call them the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Yoga Pants” because they really are for everyone!
Pi Yoga Pants
What’s your favorite part about working with Pi Yoga Pants?
My favorite part about starting Pi Yoga Pants has been the community of confidence women we have created. We host beach clean ups, yoga trips, and photo shoots through out the month. It started as just my friends, but it has now expanded into friends of friends and new friends that have been following our social media presence on Instagram @piyogapants. Everyone is invited to these events, and my goal is to grow our Ambassador Team so we can host fun, free, and empowering events internationally!
To learn more about Pi Yoga Pants and to see all their styles, visit them here. Be sure to tag @givebackstyle and @piyogapants and let us know which design you chose!
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